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Easy– Is the Captain of the team, being a sub/flex player he has a direct shot that few can escape once he has locked in. Look out for him running with Battery as his specialist of choice bringing the War Machine out and trashing the opponents, He can be reached on Twitter at @xMvT_Easy and you can check all the shots live on Twitch at

Poonswagger-The man is a Legend in the game fast on the sticks like no other he runs as a Main AR usually using Recon to his teams Advantage, Poonswagger has a vast knowledge of the game ranging in all game modes, if you see him in your lobby best hope your on his side or you will be going Negative. Poonswagger enjoys Hardpoint the most and can be seen playing NBA2K, CS:GO and Halo, Tweet him on Twitter at @poonswagger.

Optimuhl-Very calculated player. Being in a Main Maddox he demonstrates his skill at eliminating the enemy the man slays the competition as he supports his team running with his Specialist of choice as Crash. You can Tweet him at @optimuhl.

SickNasty-His main role is Support Maddox, His Specialist of choice is Prophet using the Tempest and the Seeker Mine to anniliate the enemy. He loves the challenge of a Search and Destroy game mode you can find him slaying players on Fortnite as well.

Aqua-His favorite game mode is Hardpoint and it shows in gameplay, he is a Main Sub who runs as Ruin destroying entire teams in the Hill with the calculated Grav slam Grapple Gun move.




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